Travel guide to Asunción

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Local name
When it is 12:00 in England, it is 08:00 in Asunción.

Best time to visit

It is very hot to walk around Asunción in the summer. The most comfortable months to visit the city when it comes to the weather are from May to September when the atmosphere in the streets is fresh and spring-like. The carnival is celebrated in February and the celebration is very lively in the capital.

Culture and entertainment

The inhabitants of Asunción love theater and live music. The number of events is largest from March to October and it is especially the theater that flourishes. Do not miss a performance of traditional folk music which, surprisingly, has the harp as a central instrument.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a camping site a short distance from the city itself and in the center there are even a few hostels. The hotels are generally comfortable and have friendly staff. The expensive hotels are good but they do not quite live up to the standards that are found in the other capitals of South America. Book your hotel in Asunción here

Local transport



Riding taxis is cheap in Asunción. They run by meter and the drivers are reliable. If you take a taxi late at night it is normal for the driver to charge a little extra than what it says on the meter.

Other transport

The city buses run from very early in the morning but after 10pm they run very irregularly. If you are claustrophobic you should not get into a bus. They are packed.

Special conditions

The crime rate has gone up a bit in Asunción during the past ten years. Violent crimes are, luckily, rare and the one thing to look out for the most are the extremely fast pickpockets and bag snatchers who infest the crammed places in the center of the city. Also notice the authentic atmosphere which pervades all of the city and which seems to have been very little influenced by globalisation.
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