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Estância de Agua de Itiquira Nature Reserve (Brasília)
Estância de Agua de Itiquira is a lovely natural area about 110 kilometres from Brasilia. From a 170-metre peak you have a view of a forested valley, nature's own crystal clear swimming pools and a couple of bars and restaurants. The place is perfect if you have had too much of the metallic and sterile capital.
Metropolitana Cathedral (Brasília)
Caredal Metropolitana is not like any other church, but definitely worth a visit. The cathedral sits on Eixo Monumental and is decorated with aluminium angels. The basic frame of the church is 16 curved pillars and inside there are some amazing glass paintings.
TV Tower (Brasília)
In order to get an overview of the city's unique design the TV tower is open all week to those who dare to go up the 75 metres. From here you sense that the city has been designed and that it hasn't developed naturally. If you take a good look, you'll see how Brasilia is shaped like a bow and arrow.

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