Travel guide to Colombo


Local name
When the time is 11.00 in Britain (summer time), it is 16.00 in Colombo. When the time is 11.00 in Britain (winter time), it is 17.00 in Colombo.

Best time to visit

You can visit Colombo all year round, however if you want to avoid the rainy season then go between December and March.

Culture and entertainment

Every year on Sri Lanka, there is a number of Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu and Christian festivals. In January in Colombo there is e.g. Duruthu Perahera celebrating Buddha's visit on Sri Lanka. In February is the Navam Perahera festival with many parades and almost 100 elephants in the streets.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are good accommodation possibilities in Colombo. There are hotels of all price ranges, hostels, guesthouses and inns. Furthermore, it is possible to stay in private homes. Book your hotel in Colombo here

Local transport



There are many taxis in Colombo. It is easy to get one on the street, however they do not have fare metres, so it is advisable to agree on a price in advance. Furthermore, there are also three-wheeled motor bikes, which function as taxis.

Other transport

There are buses and trains in Colombo. They cover practically the whole city and are a comfortable way to travel.
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