Travel guide to Fiji - smaller islands

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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

This tropical country has warm weather year-round although there is less chance of rain and hurricanes in the winter, which lasts from May to October.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12:00 in England, it is 23:00 on the islands.

Culture and entertainment

The islands have very alternating cultural lives, depending on which part of the country they are in. But it goes for all them that they are communities that are rooted deeply in past traditions. Those who are lucky enough to get accepted as visitors in a village might get invited to attend a religious ceremony or a festival and see people firewalking and do traditional dances.

Accommodation / Hotel

Luxury hotels as well as simple guesthouses can be found on the big islands and most of them are both charming and inviting. It is possible to stay overnight at most of the other island, but it is best to make sure beforehand. Some of the islands do not have hotels as such and it is unwelcome to visit without an invitation from the villagers. On some of the small islands there are small guesthouses which are really meant to serve as lodging for government officials when they come to inspect the fringe areas of the country, but the beds can be had for a small amount when there are no eminent guests. Book your hotel in Fiji - smaller islands here

Local transport



Taxis can only be found in the towns. In the countryside the cars do not always have meters. If they don't it is probably a good idea to ask in advance how much the fare is going to be. Sometimes it pays off to negotiate the price.

Other transport

Buses go through most of the towns. Public transport is running even in very remote areas. There are not any bus stops as such in the less crowded areas and it is necessary to signal the driver as when hailing a taxi.
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