Travel guide to Jurmala

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Local name
Latvia is two hours ahead of GMT. When it's noon in the UK, it's 2 pm in Jurmala.

Best time to visit

Jurmala should be visited during the summer, when the natural scenery and the lavish beaches are at their very best in the Baltic sunshine. Summers in Jurmala also offer a range of cultural activities for the tourists.

Culture and entertainment

The concert hall in the part of Jurmala called Dzintari is home to a very good symphony orchestra whose season coincides with the tourist season. In addition, the city is usually bustling with activities planned in expectance of the population increase in the summer months.

Accommodation / Hotel

Apart from the numerous sanatoriums, boarding houses, and health resorts, Jurmala is teeming with accommodation facilities. Along with Riga, Jurmala boasts the largest concentration of high-class hotels in Latvia, but you can also find less luxurious establishments such as camping grounds and hostels. Finally, the area is full of summer homes that can be rented through the Latvian office of tourism. Book your hotel in Jurmala here

Local transport



There are plenty of taxis in Jurmala, and it's easy to hail one in the street.

Special conditions

To get around Jurmala city, you can take the local busses or drive your own car. The splendid natural surroundings are great for bicycling.
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