Travel guide to Kandy and the Highlands



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Best time to visit

Kandy is a relaxed town and it is the historical bastion of Buddhist power. The town is situated in beautiful scenery at a lake and many hills. Owing to the undulating landscape, the town has a characteristic architecture. The town has an impressive temple, Dalada Maligawa (The temple of the tooth). In the temple is one of the most important religious artefacts of Sri Lanka, namely the holy tooth of Buddha. Furthermore, the Highland has precious stone mines, magnificent waterfalls and large tea plantations.

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 11.00 in Britain (summer time), it is 16.00 in the area. When the time is 11.00 in Britain (winter time), it is 17.00 in the area.

Culture and entertainment

In July and August one of the most important festivals of the country is arranged in Kandy, the Kandy Esala Perahera, which goes on for 10 days and includes dancers, elephants and torch bearers.

Accommodation / Hotel

There are many good accommodation possibilities in the town in the area. There are plenty of hotels of different price ranges and quality. Furthermore, there are hostels, guesthouses and private accommodation. Book your hotel in Kandy and the Highlands here

Local transport



There are taxis in the towns. It is easy to get a taxi on the street. However, as they do not have fare metres, agree on a price before taking a taxi. Furthermore, there are many three-wheeled motorbikes, which function as taxis.

Other transport

There are bus connections between almost all towns in the area.
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