Travel guide to Lamu Island

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Local name
Lamu Island

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Lamu Island can be visited year round. May is the worst part of the rainy season, this does not mean much however, as the daily rainfall is usually over within an hour.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is 12:00 in Great Britain (GMT) (summertime), it is 14:00 on Lamu Island. When it is 12:00 in Great Britain (GMT) (wintertime), it is 15:00 on Lamu Island.

Culture and entertainment

The annual Maulidi Festival takes place in Lamu Town. The festival is a weeklong celebration of Mohammed's birthday. The town's inhabitants celebrate the occasion with dance, a procession and a stream of blessings. This festival attracts pilgrims from the whole of East Africa.

Accommodation / Hotel

The better hotels in Lamu town are generally those situated next to the water. The most well known hotel in town is Petley's Inn. It is not so much known for its standard as it is for the fact that one of the town's only bars can be found here. In Shela, one of the islands three towns, one can find good and cheap lodging possibilities. Many rent rooms out to tourists. Book your hotel in Lamu Island here

Local transport


Other transport

If one decides not to walk, Donkey is the main mode of transport on Lamu Island.

Special conditions

Lamu is car-free.
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