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Mindu National Park (Manaus)
The small national park is a piece of rainforest within the city limits of Manaus. The park is home to flowers and animals and it can be explored via an elaborate network of footpaths. The orchid garden, in particular, is really beautiful. Sometimes there is also entertainment in the park's fine amphi-theatre.
The market in Manaus (Manaus)
The giant market with its heavy iron constructions is an incredibly exciting and lively place to stroll while you watch people and the mixed offers. Here you'll find curious fruits and vegetables, equipment for jungle expeditions and strange herbs and spices. It's really a great opportunity to find an original souvenir.
The Opera House (Manaus)
Manaus' big opera house is the symbol of the wealth, which Amazons experienced during the gum rush. It was built in the late 1800 and both the materials and the artists who performed were imported from Europe. The theatre shows signs of ageing, but the flamboyant style is still very impressive. The theatre also houses operas and ballets.

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