Travel guide to Mombasa

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Local name
500.000 (1998)
When it is 12:00 in Great Britain (GMT) (summertime), it is 14:00 in Mombasa. When it is 12:00 in Great Britain (GMT) (wintertime), it is 15:00 in Mombasa

Best time to visit

One can visit Mombasa year round. The warm and humid climate is freshened up by Monsoons that blow in from the Indian Ocean.

Culture and entertainment

Most of the bars and discos are found along the coast, this is because most tourists are drawn to this area. There are a few places that are worth a visit and from time to time bands play in town. The city has two cinemas; both show American and European films.

Accommodation / Hotel

Most people choose to stay along the coast (to the south and north) instead of in Mombasa city itself. Many good and relatively cheap hotels can be found along the coast. There are also many good hotels in Mombasa city too. Book your hotel in Mombasa here

Local transport



The are a lot of taxis in Mombasa, they can be found outside hotels or at taxi ranks. It is reasonably cheap to take a taxi in Mombasa, as a rule one should agree on a price before hand.

Other transport

Local buses operate in this big city. Long distance buses also operate; they are low in price. It is possible to catch a train form Mombasa to Nairobi.

Special conditions

There is a noticeable crime rate in Mombasa, one should be extra cautious after dark.
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