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Local name
When it is 12:00 in England, it is 23:00 in Nadi

Best time to visit

The western part of Viti Levu is placed on the lee side of the island, which means that this area is much less prone to rain than the area where Suva is placed. Nadi, as well as the surrounding areas, benefits from the tropical climate, which means that there is not a distinctly bad time to go there. The winter in Fiji, which lasts from May through to October, is the driest season.

Culture and entertainment

The cultural life in Nadi is not overwhelming. There are sometimes live music or discos in the hotel bars and there are a few bars in the centre. There are three cinemas, which also feature English-language movies.

Accommodation / Hotel

Nadi is the place in the country, which has the most choices when it comes to accommodation. Hotels can be found in the city, by the airport and on the beach and some even offer dormitories for backpackers. There are no camping sites in the area. Book your hotel in Nadi here

Local transport



There are quite a few taxis in Nadi that can be hired at the designated taxi stands around town, or they can be hailed in the street. It is also possible to arrange for one to come to the hotel.

Other transport

Buses run from 5:30 in the morning to 23:00 in the evening. At the airport it is possible to hire cars 24 hours a day. Boats to several destinations go out from Nadi.
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