Travel guide to North-eastern Venezuela

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Local name
El este de Venezuela

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

Eastern Venezuela is a wonderful place all year round, however in August the beaches can be quite crowded with vacationing Venezuelans.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is noon in Great Britain, the time is 7 a.m. in the eastern provinces.

Culture and entertainment

With a sizzling beach culture you have to be prepared for hordes of bars and discos, and several of them are actually quite nice places, if you like to go out.

Accommodation / Hotel

The conditions for tourists are getting better and better in the area, where new hotels frequently open. Most of them are very nice, but even though you come in the off-season you rarely get a discount. Book your hotel in North-eastern Venezuela here

Local transport



There is good taxi service in the area. Many of the taxis do not have a sign on them, but you can be sure that they will let you know they are there if you look like you need a taxi.

Other transport

There is regular and frequent bus service between the towns by the coast. When you go inland, the service is less frequent.

Special conditions

Unfortunately, the rising number of tourists in the area also attracts thieves. They are mainly pickpockets or bag snatchers, and someone is very rarely hurt, but hold on to your bag and carry your money in a body belt.
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