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The Akershus Fort (Oslo)
The Akershus Fort in Oslo is a must-see if you are visiting the capital. The building is from the 1300s and contains underground dungeons, where the aristocracy were locked up. During the Second World War, the Germans used the fort as prison and place of execution.
The museum of resistance (Oslo)
The Norwegian museum of resistance is situated close to the Akershus Fort. It was here the Germans held people imprisoned and had them executed. By walking around the museum it is possible to get an insight into the German occupation and Norway's resistance. The museum is surrounded by parks and has a beautiful view of the city and the harbour. During the summer, there are often arranged concerts and theatre.
The Vigelands Park and the Vigelands Museum (Oslo)
The Vigeland's Park in Oslo is a nice, peaceful and idyllic place, which is perfect for a picnic or a nap. The park is a large green area and it has several ponds in which ducks gambol. In the Vigelands Park are also 212 bronze and granite sculptures made by the artist Gustav Vigeland. You can also visit the Vigeland's museum, where much of Vigeland's works is exhibited, and hear more about how the park was founded.

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