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Fishing (Pantanal)
Pantanal also attracts anglers. If you come to fish for piranha, dourado, bagre or other fish, then you're on in April and May. From November till January it is prohibited. Fishing permits is available in Cuiabá at the organisation IBAMA, and then you just have to get out there on the rivers and pull the amazing giant fish to shore. If you don't bring your own gear, you can rent or buy in Cuiabá. But here it's unreasonably expensive and often the quality isn't good.
Pantanal Area (Pantanal)
Pantanal has one attraction and only one reason for tourists to flock to this area. The amazing wildlife. Tour companies and independent guides arrange tours into the wild. Prices vary a lot, but all trips include food, guide and transport. Some places the groups stay overnight at farms, others at hotels and yet other groups camp in the open air. One thing is certain; you will see lots of wildlife. There are two main cities in Pantanal. Cuiabá and Corumbá. From here most expeditions are arranged. Two days in the field is a minimum if you want to experience the wildlife, but most people can spend several weeks in the open air.
Transpantaneira highway (Pantanal)
Transpantaneira highway is the name of the only road, which bores its way through Pantanal. It's a dirt road. If you don't feel like or can't afford to throw yourself into the wild bush, you just need to travel on Transpantaneira. It's simply impossible not to see birds, capivars, hundreds of crocodiles and lots of other more or less recognizable animals. The road goes from Cuiabá in the constituent state of Mato Grosso and heads south into Pantanal. There are plenty of car rental companies in Cuiabá and they are willing to negociate the price.

Area and city attractions

• Amazonas
• Pantanal
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