Attractions from Ponce

Attractions from

The art gallery (Ponce)
The art gallery with the famous stairs is worth paying a visit. Here you'll find pieces of art covering the period between 300 BC and up till the present. Moreover, the gallery has an American, a Spanish, and a Puertorican garden.
The Delicias Plaza (Ponce)
In the shaded plaza of Las Delicias, fountains and trees are surrounded by a church and a Fire station; the buildings held in black and red. The fire station dates back to 1883, and next to it is located an institute for culture and a tourist center.
The town museum (Ponce)
The town museum has a guided tour in English, Spanish, and French. Here you can get an impression of the history of the town through photographs, documents, and other objects donated by the locals.

Area and city attractions

• Ponce
• San Juan
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