Travel guide to Riga

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Local name
Latvia is two hours ahead of GMT. When it's noon in the UK, it's 2 pm in Riga.

Best time to visit

You can visit Riga all year round. The Latvian winter can be rather cold and the summers are very warm. The tourist high season is during the warm months from May to October.

Culture and entertainment

Like in the other Baltic countries, the midsummer festivities on June 23 and 24 are hugely important in Latvia. They involve bonfires, dancing, and singing, and special beer and cheeses are produced for the occasion. If you're planning a summer vacation in Riga, you should be sure to come at this time. Furthermore, Riga has a host of museums as well as an opera house and a great theatre.

Accommodation / Hotel

Riga has a variety of accommodation facilities to offer. This is where the concentration of international luxury hotels is greatest, but just like the rest of the country, Riga has its share of cheaper hotels, hostels, and camping grounds. Book your hotel in Riga here

Local transport



There are plenty of taxis in Riga, and it's easy to hail one in the street.

Special conditions

Riga has an extensive system of busses and trams. These are by far the cheapest way to get around, and quite simple to use.
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