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Corcovado Mountain (Rio de Janeiro)
On the hunchbacked Corcovado mountain stands the 30-metre high statue of Christ viewing Rio. The statue has become one of Rio's trademarks and is an awe-inspiring sight as it stands on the 710-metre high mountain. The summit can be reached by car, but the greatest experience is to take the small rattling train, which crosses Tijuca National Park. The amazing view is best when you are seated on the right side of the car. The train leaves every half hour from Rua Cosme Velho.
Folclorico Edson Carneiro Museum (Rio de Janeiro)
Even though this museum is not big and sumptuous it is still among the best in the city. Here you'll find an incredible collection of Brazilian handicrafts from different periods. The handicraft is one of the country's proudest artistic traditions and the museum is definitely worth a visit. Here you'll also find a small shop where you can buy really fine handicrafts.
The Shanty Towns (Favelas) (Rio de Janeiro)
Favela is the Brazilian word for the shantytowns, which are scattered over many of the hillsides in Rio (and in all other major Brazilian cities). A great part of the Brazilian population lives in these favelas and a tour in such a completely different world is a great experience. But don't go there alone on any account. Different guides arrange tours in Rio's favelas. Marcelo Armstrong speaks English and is no doubt the most experienced in this area. Phone: 322-2727 or 989-0074.

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