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Butanta Snake farm (Sao Paulo)
The snake farm in the University Park has become very popular with tourists during the last few years. The Butanta Institute has more than 1000 snakes in all colours and shapes. At the institute they extract their poison, which is often used for antidotes and other pharmaceuticals. Besides watching the reptiles you can also enjoy the beautiful park, where the snake farm is situated, or visit one of the two reptile museums in the park.
Liberdade district (Sao Paulo)
The district Liberdade is home to Sao Paulo's Asian emigrants. Sao Paulo is actually the city outside Japan, which has the highest number of inhabitants with Japanese background. The subway stops right in the heart of Liberdade and it is easy to spend a day or two in this place. It's like entering another world and suddenly you stand in the middle of an all-oriental district. Here you'll also find good and cheap Japanese, Chinese and Korean restaurants. Sundays there is a market with food and handicrafts at Praca Liberdade.
Museum of Modern Art (Sao Paulo)
Museu de Arte Contemporanea, Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo does not only have a collection, which gives an overview of modern Brazilian art. The museum also offers an important collection of international artists. The exhibition is displayed in the Bienal, which has some huge exhibition rooms. Every second year the Bienal houses one of the world's greatest recurring art exhibitions. Don't miss it, if you should be so lucky to be in Sao Paulo at exactly this time of year.

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