Travel guide to Venezuelan Andes

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Local name
Los Andes

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

As you will spend most of your time in the outdoors when you visit the Andes, the best time to visit is in the dry period between December and April, or in the short time between the middle of June and the middle of July. August and September are incredibly rainy, which takes a lot of the pleasure out of an excursion to the area.

Local conditions


Time zone

When it is noon in Great Britain, the time is 7 a.m. in the Andes.

Culture and entertainment

There is a nice atmosphere in the university town of Mérida, and several places have live music at night.

Accommodation / Hotel

There is a wide selection of hotels in the towns. It is essential to have a tent, and if you have not brought one you can buy or rent one in the cities that arrange guided tours into the surrounding area. Book your hotel in Venezuelan Andes here

Local transport



Taxis are a good way to get to the departure points for the trekking tours, and as in the rest of the country, they are quite cheap.

Other transport

Bus is the best way to get around the area. If you have the time, walking even long distances is a wonderful experience; just like mountain biking is becoming more and more popular.

Special conditions

The thin air in the mountains may make you feel strange, and you may experience dizziness, nausea, or headache. Take it easy and let your body adjust to the new conditions. Be prepared if you go into the mountains without a guide, as the weather changes fast, so you must have the right equipment.
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