Travel guide to Lusaka

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Local name
When it is 12 noon in the UK, it is 2 pm in Lusaka.

Best time to visit

Lusaka is hottest in the period from September to October. The rainy season runs from November to April. Around religious feasts many shops and offices are closed. In return there are many music festivals and sports events.

Culture and entertainment

On public holidays cultural events are often held. These are usually concerts or big sports events. The rest of the year you can throw yourself at Lusaka's nightlife, which offers dance, entertainment and curious bars. If you need to relax, you may spend a day at the pool at one of the city hotels. Usually it's free of charge if only you buy some food or a few beverages.

Accommodation / Hotel

It's not all that easy to find cheap places to stay overnight, but they do exist. You can even stay overnight for free in the Sikh temple, if you abstain from earthly joys such as alcohol and cigarettes, however. Lusaka has everything from cheap camping to expensive hotels, but considering the size of the city the places to stay overnight are few. Book your hotel in Lusaka here

Local transport



The established taxies can be recognized by the numbers on the doors. Taxi fares are cheap, but you have to haggle over the fare.

Other transport

Buses are a cheap, but somewhat complicated way to travel. It's easiest to travel with those buses, which follow the city's main streets.

Special conditions

Lusaka has a high crime rate. The centre of the city, in particular, can be dangerous.
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