Travel guide to Quito


Local name
When the time is 12.00 in England (summertime) it is 06.00 in Quito When the time is 12.00 in England (wintertime) it is 07.00 in Quito

Best time to visit

May to September is less wet than the rest of the year. But if you visit the country this time of year you will miss the big party at New Year where giant dolls are set on fire. Travelling in May to September you will also miss the carnival in February with its lively water contests where everything and everybody within a mile's distance gets involved. During the first week of December the establishment of Quito is celebrated among other things with bull fighting and street dance.


Quito Pocket Guide Map

Culture and entertainment

The lively folk music from the Andes Mountains is played on the street by small bands of musicians. However, the locals prefer to listen to their beloved folk songs at the so-called penas. A penas is a club where the musicians perform. You will often find people dancing but at other times you just sit and enjoy the music. The seductive tones from the pan flute play a central role in the Ecuadorian folk music.

Accommodation / Hotel

You will find plenty of hotels in Ecuador's capital. The most ramshackle and even filthy places are in the old part of the city, while the hotels in the newer parts of the city are clean and more comfortable. In December all the good places can be occupied, so if you visiting this time of year you should consider booking in advance. Book your hotel in Quito here

Local transport



The yellow taxis with the red TAXI signs are easy to spot and hire outside rush hour. According to the law the taximeter has to be switched on, but if you hire a taxi for a day it will be better to settle a price for the entire day in advance. The taxis take a surcharge for driving during the night.

Other transport

Those who think that the normal busses are small rambling tin cans can take an en ejecutivo bus, which only takes passengers as long as there seats. They are a little bit more expensive but much more comfortable.

Special conditions

If you take a plane to Ecuador you can experience height sickness in the encounter with the thin air. If you take it easy the first couple of days your body will adjust itself to the new surroundings. Crime is not a big problem, but all tourists should take certain considerations. Keep an eye on luggage and don't walk alone at night or at deserted places. You should also avoid the poor suburbs.
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