Travel guide to Rio Bamba


Local name
When the time is 12.00 in England (summer time) it is 06.00 in Riobamba. When the time is 12.00 in England (winter time) it is 07.00 in Riobamba.

Best time to visit

May to September is the dry season in the town, and the surrounding mountains and the climate is pleasant. The 21st of April there is a festival in the town with much festivity. There are parades in streets, dance and lots of the area's traditional food.

Culture and entertainment

There are some good penas in the town, where you can listen to traditional folk music from the Andes Mountains' highland. Here you can listen to the pan flute's merry tunes in a good atmosphere.

Accommodation / Hotel

In Riombamba most of the hotels are situated in the centre of the town and you can always get a good room. Booking in advance is only necessary in the days around the town festival the 21st of April. Book your hotel in Rio Bamba here

Local transport



There are plenty of taxis in Riobamba. For a fair amount you can go to the nearest villages.

Other transport

There are good bus connections in Riobamba and to some of the villages nearby.

Special conditions

You have to be very experienced to climb the difficult volcanoes. Beginners should stay away and instead concentrate on the excellent possibilities for walks in the area.
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