Travel guide to Amazon Basin

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Local name
The Amazon Basin

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The region is always hot and wet. You can visit it all year round, but you're best off going during the drier time of May to October.

Local conditions


Time zone

Bolivia is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and has no daylight savings. This means that when it is noon in the summertime in the UK it is 7 am in the Amazon Basin, and when it is noon during the UK winter it is 8 am in the Amazon Basin.

Accommodation / Hotel

Accommodation in the area usually means hotels, but these are found in all price categories and levels of comfort. Most are in the mid-range, and it is generally easy to get a room. The hotels usually provide good opportunities of getting a group together to explore the rain forest. Book your hotel in Amazon Basin here

Local transport


Other transport

Most towns in the region have a bus service, but an interesting alternative can sometimes be to take a riverboat.
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