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Best price guarantee on flights

We have a vision of giving you the largest and best selection of airline tickets on the market. And as the only price comparison site in the travel industry, we now offer you a best price guarantee on the booking that you place with the travel company to which we have referred you. We will refund you the price difference if you subsequently find the booked flight, which you found via travelmarket.co.uk, cheaper elsewhere on the internet. This is based on the conditions set out below.

This is how you become covered by the best price guarantee

Terms and conditions for the best price guarantee on flights

  1. You must have found your flight at travelmarket.co.uk. From there, you have clicked on to the airline or travel agency offering the flight. And you have purchased your flight here.
  2. The best price guarantee is valid for eight (8) from the time when you click onwards from travelmarket.co.uk – however, no later than until 24:00 hours on that same day (local English time).

    If within that space of time – after having purchased your flight – you find the same flight at a lower price and are able to document this for us, you are in principle entitled to have an amount refunded which is equal to the difference between your completed order and the lower price which you have found.

    By the same flight, we mean a flight or several flights for the same number of persons and for the same routes, using the same airline(s), flight numbers, travel time, number of stops, outbound and inbound dates and times.
  3. If, on the flight search engine travelmarket.co.uk, there are several providers of exactly the same flight, the best price guarantee applies to the travel agency which offers the cheapest flight. It is a condition that you have chosen the cheapest ticket at travelmarket.co.uk. 

    It must be possible to purchase the comparable flight at the travel company. It may be possible that the travel company may have have made a mistake. The price of the flight stated and displayed in the price comparison service may therefore have changed when you visit the travel company's own website. Therefore, it is not possible to book the desired flight ticket at the stated price. This may be because the seats are sold out or the price has not been 100% updated by the travel company. Unfortunately, this is a circumstances which we, as a price comparison service, cannot influence. 
  4. The best price guarantee applies to the final price of the flight which you book with the airline or travel agency and not the price you see at Travelmarket. In other words, the flight including any fees and surcharges for any suitcases, seat reservation, taxes and fees, etc.

    The price of the cheaper flight must also be in the same currency as the flight purchased. 
  5. Once you have booked your flight with the airline or travel agent, you will be covered by the best price guarantee by signing up for the best price guarantee at travelmarket.co.uk. 
  6. The lower price found by you should be available online at the website of a travel agency or airline. And it should be possible to purchase that flight - without doing so, however. 
  7. The guaranteed price of the flight does not include cheaper airline tickets purchased using membership prices, bonus schemes, corporate agreements or other similar forms of discounts such as youth tickets, senior tickets, etc.
  8. Any refund from Travelmarket will only be made once the journey has been completed and on the basis of proper documentation. That is, by submitting a copy of your boarding pass.

    The copy of the boarding pass must be received by Travelmarket no later than 6 months after the journey has been completed. Failing to do so will void the guarantee.
  9. Subject to obvious technical errors, fallouts and typing errors in airline and travel agency prices.
Travelmarket reserves the right to change the above conditions without notice which does not, however, affect those who have already signed up for best price guarantees, cf. para. 4. 

Contact details:
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Mail: info@travelmarket.com

You have signed up for the best price guarantee and wish to receive a refund

  1. Read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you are entitled to the refund.
  2. Make sure that you have adequate documentation for having found a cheaper flight that the one booked.

    We will need both a copy of your booked journey and more details of the travel agency through which you found the cheaper flight.
  3. Find the email you received from Travelmarket when you signed up for the best price guarantee and follow the instructions in that email.
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