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Terms and conditions for the use of Travelmarket

Most recent update 11/12-2019 Travelmarket.dk (we, us, our) is an independent travel price comparison site. Our purpose is to help consumers find cheap travel by comparing prices from many different travel agencies. Travelmarket.dk is NOT a travel agency, and we do not sell tickets or other types of travel. We receive prices from the travel agencies and present them to the consumers who then continue by clicking on the travel agencies’ websites so they can complete the booking and payment. Travelmarket.dk is owned by Travelmarket A/S, which is a Danish-owned company established in 1995. Our Danish registration (CVR) number is 25 92 33 24. We are based in Vejle (in Denmark) at this address: Nørregade 71-77, DK-7100 Vejle, Denmark. Email: info@travelmarket.com.

Terms and conditions for travel services from Travelmarket A/S

When you make use of our price comparison site, read our articles or otherwise make use of Travel Market, you also accept these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are applicable to the Travelmarket A/S websites and the Travelmarket A/S apps. By using Travelmarket A/S’ services, you also agree to our privacy policy. If you wish to make use of our flight price guarantee, we refer you to the terms and conditions of the flight price guarantee. We have done our utmost to ensure that the information on this website is as accurate as possible. We are not liability for any loss, injury and consequences arising from the use of information from this website. We recommend that you always verify important information before using it.

About our services

As a user, you have the right to make use of Travelmarket’s services for all purposes which do not contravene applicable legislation or which may be detrimental to Travelmarket A/S.

Price comparison services

Via our price comparison services, we wish to provide our users with the best possible overview of the travel market. Our price comparison services are accessible via our website and via our apps. We do our best to find the best, cheapest and most up-to-date prices for our users. Travel products (flight prices, tours, hotels, etc.) are provided by independent travel agencies. We do not have any influence on what takes place on these companies' websites or what happens in the dialogue with these companies. Therefore, we are also not liable for transactions made with travel agencies.

We encourage our users to thoroughly check journeys and prices with the travel agency before booking.
Travelmarket cannot be held liable for prices and information about forms of travel in our price comparison services which may be incomplete or incorrect.
Travelmarket A/S is not liable for any loss or damage that may arise on the basis of any form of travel found at Travelmarket and purchased from another travel agency. Here you are referred to the individual travel agencies’ own terms and conditions.

Articles, travel guides and other texts

Travelmarket offers numerous articles, travel guides, lists of attractions and other texts which are all written with the aim of providing the reader with the best possible information on the subject of the article.

We have done our best to check the information in the texts, but we are not liable for any loss, injury or consequences that may arise following the reading of the texts.

We encourage our users to double check the information and to always show vigilance - both when purchasing a travel product and when actually travelling.

Adverts from other companies

You will find that we may have advertising from various companies. We do our best to only include relevant and recognized advertisers, but the advertisers have sole responsible for the content of the adverts.


All material on Travelmarket A/S is protected by copyright law. The copyright is held either by Travelmarket A/S or by external contributors.

The copying of texts, images, other content or source code from Travelmarket is not permitted without prior written consent from Travelmarket A/S or from the copyright holder. If you violate these guidelines, we or the copyright holders reserve the right to take legal action against you under applicable Danish law.

We naturally respect copyright legislation, so if you believe that Travelmarket has violated any of your rights, please write to us at info@travelmarket.com.

Contact us

For more information about the terms and conditions for using services from Travelmarket A/S, please feel free to contact us. You can email to us at info@travelmarket.com or send a letter to the following address: Travelmarket A/S, Nørregade 77, DK-7100 Vejle, Denmark.
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