Travel guide to Caracas

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Local name
When it is noon in Great Britain, the time is 7 a.m. in Caracas.

Best time to visit

Caracas is an attractive city all year round

Culture and entertainment

It is possible to find great entertainment on practically any night in Caracas. Theatres, ballets, nice discos, little intimate jazz bars where big names often play. During the day the action is found at the racetrack or at the enormous baseball stadium, and if you are lucky there is bullfighting in the beautiful amphitheatre.

Accommodation / Hotel

Caracas is the most expensive place in the country to get a hotel room. It is however recommendable to check into one of the more expensive hotels, as the cheap ones very often are located in areas where it is not safe to walk out at night. Book your hotel in Caracas here

Local transport



Taxis are safe and quite cheap, but you can also happen to get stuck in one of the massive traffic jams that are quite common in Caracas.

Other transport

You can go almost anywhere by bus. However, buses are often slow, and if they get stuck in traffic it is faster to get off and continue on foot. Meanwhile, the subway is fast and effective, and it is in service from early morning till late at night. It does however not cover all areas.

Special conditions

Unfortunately, the crime rate in Caracas is high, so you should take your precautions. Only go where there are lots of other people, and avoid walking alone, if at all possible. You should not go near the area around the bus station. It is a good idea to leave your watch and jewellery in the hotel safe, just as your money should be carried in a body belt. Take a taxi if you at any time feel unsafe in an area. It sounds dramatic, but if you use your common sense it is no problem to visit Caracas without anything happening to you.
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