Travel guide to Kumasi

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Local name
Ghana is on GMT. Please notice the change between summer and wintertime. (During summer time, Ghana is one hour ahead of GMT).

Best time to visit

The most perfect time to visit Kumasi is in the period from December to February where the weather is warm and sunny.

Culture and entertainment

On the 42th day in the Ashanti people's religious calendar, the Akwasidee festival takes place in Kumasi. The most important ministers of religion and tribal leaders meet and celebrate this day with a public ceremony.

Accommodation / Hotel

For an insight in Ghanaian culture, you may spend the night with a local family. In this way, you will spoil yourself with an experience that normal tourist attractions cannot give you. The host families live in the centre of and in the surroundings of Kumasi. Moreover, you will find some ordinary hotels in the city and its surroundings. Book your hotel in Kumasi here

Local transport



For people interested in experiencing some of the regional life, taxis may be rented for longer expeditions.

Other transport

Some tro-tros may be found in Kumasi; the second largest traffic junction in the country, so many types of transportation are available.
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