Travel guide to La Paz

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Local name
La Paz
Approx. 1,000,000
Bolivia is 4 hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and has no daylight savings. This means that when it is noon in the summertime in the UK it is 7 am in La Paz, and when it is noon during the UK winter it is 8 am in La Paz.

Best time to visit

During the summer from December to March the climate can be rather rough. It rains most days and the valley often fills up with clouds. The temperature is around 18 degrees C during the day. Winters are a bit cooler, but there is very little rainfall and often sunshine and clear skies. Due to the high altitude, the nights can get very cold, sometimes as low as freezing.

Culture and entertainment

There are several local festivals in and around La Paz throughout the year. A couple of interesting ones are El Gran Poder at the end of May or beginning of June and the Alasitas festival on January 24.

Accommodation / Hotel

La Paz has good accommodation facilities ranging from cheap, basic hostels, sometimes without hot water, to luxurious first class hotels. If you shop around it is sometimes possible to get a hotel room at the price of a hostel bed, especially in the low season. During holidays and weekends, though, it can be downright difficult to get a room at all, so it may be a good idea to book ahead. Book your hotel in La Paz here

Local transport



Taxis are all over La Paz, either in the form of regular cabs or minibuses. It's easy to hail a taxi in the street, but they don't drive by a taximeter, so it is a good idea to agree on the fare before the ride.

Other transport

You'll see a lot of mini busses in La Paz; the driver will yell out his destination, and slows down or even stops so you can jump in. These busses cover most of the city and provide a great way of getting around.
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