Travel guide to Lapland


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Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The best time for hiking in Lapland is around September when the huge mosquito swarms are gone. The hiking season, however, is relatively short as a result of the snowy winter, which closes in around October. Also, the fall in Lapland is a uniquely beautiful experience. If the travelling plans include skiing in Lapland, it is recommendable to wait until March, as the region is swathed in total darkness during mid winter. The midnight sun can for instance be seen in the city of Rovaniemi between June and the beginning of July.

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12:00 p.m. in England, it is 13:00 p.m. in Lapland.

Accommodation / Hotel

In Lapland, as well as in the rest of Finland, the so-called "rule of common property" allows every person to camp wherever that person might see fit as long as the nature is left undisturbed and no people are bothered by it. Apart from this, Lapland has a vide variety of regular camping sites, hostels, and hotels; the hotels being mostly situated around the ski resorts. Book your hotel in Lapland here

Local transport

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