Travel guide to Santiago de Cuba

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Local name
Santiago de Cuba
450,000 (2000)
When the time is 12 noon in Great Britain, it is 6:00.00 in the morning in Santiago de Cuba.

Best time to visit

As it is the case with the rest of the island, Santiago de Cuba has a very comfortable climate all year round.

Culture and entertainment

A lot of interesting musical genres have their roots here, and are all a big part of Cuba's culture, which also becomes very obvious during the world-famous carnival held on the island every other year in the end of July. During the carnival, Afro-Cuban art forms are displayed by local artists, but you will also find choirs and orchestras performing classical works.

Accommodation / Hotel

In the areas surrounding the city there are beach hotels and B&Bs, while the city itself has luxury hotel as well as more humble quartering. Book your hotel in Santiago de Cuba here

Local transport



You can get around Santiago de Cuba by the help of both taxi companies, private taxis, and motorcycle taxis.

Other transport

You can get around by renting a car or getting on local buses, or you may rent a carriage pulled by a horse.
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