Travel guide to Tamil Nadu


Local name
Tamil Nadu

Travel preparation


Best time to visit

The best time to visit the area is from December to February.


South India: Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa

Local conditions


Time zone

When the time is 12:00 in England (summer time) it is 16:30 in Tamil Nadu. When the time is 12:00 in England (winter time) it is 17.30 in Tamil Nadu.

Culture and entertainment

There are several festivals in the region, a couple of them are: Masi Magham in Swamimalai that is held in February or march and is celebrated with a big parade. Avanimoolam is held in September and lasts 15 days.

Accommodation / Hotel

In the larger cities you can find everything from inexpensive hostels and guesthouses to more comfortable and expensive hotels. In the smaller cities there are several cheap/middle scale hostels, guesthouses, and hotels. Book your hotel in Tamil Nadu here

Local transport



There are taxis in almost all the cities in the area, many people share taxis if they are going for a long ride. Otherwise there are lots of auto-rickshaws that are cheaper than regular taxis.

Other transport

There are busses that run between most of the cities in the area.
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