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The capital of South Australia impresses with its modern architecture, mixed with the old, caroming and restored buildings. The city is the cultural stronghold of the state, and several festivals are held throughout the year. A large number of the restaurants and cafés are located on the impressive hills surrounding Adelaide.


Port Moresby, Rabaul and Madang

The beaches and coral reefs at these places provides excellent opportunities of snorkelling and swimming, as well as other water sports activities on the blue sea.


Barossa is situated about an hour's drive from Adelaide, and is a great, intimate place with lots of older architecture. Barossa is the home of about 50 vineyards, from small family-businesses to large, national companies. An impressive region with lots of opportunities to taste some wine.

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living organism, and an ideal place for snorkelling and diving, where you'll see the entire scale of colours represented on the coral reef and on the amazing fishes in the sea.


One of Papua New Guinea's most beautiful cities, until it was destroyed by a volcanic outburst by Tuvuvur in 1994. The city is still worth a visit and you can climb on most of the volcanoes in the area, except Tuvuvur, which is still active.

The nature reserve of Hinchinbrook Island

The reserve is a great place to go, if you want to trek, and you can walk from tropical rainforest to amazingly beaches with azure water, without seeing a single other tourist. Hinchinbrook Island is Australia's largest nature reserve, situated on an island, and is a tropical paradise far from civilisation.

The Uluru rock (Ayers Rock)

The enormous rock in the middle of the desert is of tremendous cultural significance to the local Aboriginals. Besides climbing the 348 metres high rock and watching it change colours in the sunset, you can, when walking around the rock, find many caves and engravings made by the local Aboriginals.



The city of Broome is situated 2213 km north of Perth on the northern coast, and is a very special and exotic city. It is a city with a multicultural population, mostly due to the fact that it has been one of the best places to find pearls. Lots of people went there in the 19th and 20th century to find fortune, and today Broome is a happening place with lots of parties and probably the best beach in Australia.


The islands of Bathurst and Melville

The islands are located about 80 km north of Darwin, and are almost covered by rainforest and impressive waterfalls. The islands are the home of the Tiwi people, famous for their tie-and-dye, silk clothing, weaving and crockery. The Tiwi people will gladly invite you inside and tell you about their culture and religion, but the islands can only be visited on organised one- or two-day trips.

New South Wales

The Great Lakes district

The Great Lakes district is situated by the coast of New South Wales, and is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. The district is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches and rainforest, which extends all the way down to the coast. The city of Port Macpuarie is an excellent place for fishing, surfing and sailing.

Blue Mountains

This mountain area is located 104 km west of Sydney, and is a fascinating landscape with lots of possibilities. You can sail between the roaring waterfalls, walk in the deep canyons, which have remained unaltered since the time of the dinosaurs, and swim in crystal-clear lakes. A more beautiful landscape will be difficult to find.

Snowy Mountains National Park

The Snowy Mountains are situated 526 km southwest of Sydney, and is Australia's highest situated national park, which, among other things, has rivers, filled with trout, imposing landscapes and fresh mountain-air. The Snowy Mountains is a popular ski resort during the winter, and offers both cross-country skiing as well as slalom.

Northern Territory

Kakadu National Park

This park is situated 252 km east of Darwin, and covers an area of about 19,000 sq km. The system of rivers and the plains in Kakadu is an interactive ecosystem, constantly developing in its natural surroundings. The park contains more than 10,000 different animals.

Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is about two hours of drive from Darwin, and is known for its impressive waterfalls, roaring down in deep holes, surrounded by dense rainforest. The park is also the home of The Lost City, a fascinating formation of sandstone. Furthermore, you can go swimming or walking in beautiful natural surroundings.



The capital of Western Australia is a large city, a little overlooked by many tourists. The city has some fantastic sights and attractions, and is furthermore located by some fabulous white beaches, offering you the best possibilities of basking at the beach during the day, while enjoying the big city life at night.



Formerly a sleepy town by the coast, Cairns is now a "must" for most travellers in Australia, with its beautiful beaches, many water sports activities. This is where many travellers acquire their diving certificate, and also a city with a good nightlife.

Fraser Island

The island is the world's biggest island consisting of sand, and is composed of impressive landscapes, long beaches with excellent surfing opportunities, canyons, cliffs, rainforest and fresh water lakes. An excellent island if you want to enjoy nature and relax.

South Australia

Big River Country

The river Murray reaches its climax in this beautiful area, and a perfect way to relax is to take the paddle steamer on a trip down the river. The trip will take you through wine districts and old, historic towns. There are ample possibilities of fishing, diving and sailing, but the climax is whale watching.


Barossa is situated about an hour's drive from Adelaide, and is a great, intimate place with lots of older architecture. Barossa is the home of about 50 vineyards, from small family-businesses to large, national companies. An impressive region with lots of opportunities to taste some wine.


Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is a giant tourist and amusement park right by the water, where you can shop in one of the 200 shops at the Harbour side Mall, or enjoy your lunch in one of the many restaurants by the water. The National Maritime Museum and the Chinese Garden are also located in this area.

Sydney Opera House

The Dane Jorn Utzon designed one of Australia's most recognizable icons, the Opera House. The Opera House is a possibility of experiencing theatre, classical music, ballet, films and opera, as well sitting by one of the outdoor cafés, enjoying a glass of wine, while life at the docks passes by.

The Rocks

The Rocks is situated on the docks of Sydney, and is the place where the first Europeans settled. Charming streets, elegant, restored buildings, a large selection of restaurants and speciality shops make up the area The Rocks. A place that buzzes of cultural and architectonic stories.


Cradle Mountain

A beautiful area of Lake St. Clair National Park, and an excellent place to enjoy nature and go hiking. It takes five days to cross the mountain, where you can enjoy the icy cascades of water springing from the mountains, the impressive trees of the rainforest and the diverse wildlife.

Hasting Caves

Hasting Caves are situated about four hours' drive south of Hobart, and is an incredible system of caves. In most of the caves, you can see a number of crystal formations, built by an eternity's worth of calcareous water, dripping from the ceiling.


Bogong National Park

A very famous place to go 'bush walking', for instance on a six-day trip around the park. In the park you'll find Mount Bogong, Victoria's highest point, which is 1986 metres high. From the summit, and in sunny weather, there's a spectacular view of the rest of the park. Be aware that it is only possible to go on a trip in the park between October and April.

Victorias High Country

The High Country area is about five hours' drive from Melbourne, and is pleasant to visit both summer and winter. In the summer, the area is known for its 'bush walking' and white water rafting and kayaking. In the winter it is one of Australia's most visited ski resorts, with good possibilities for both cross-country skiing and slalom.

Yarra Valley

Home of several of Australia's 200 vineyards with ample possibilities of tours and wine tasting. There are also numerous markets in the area, offering beautifully handmade handicrafts.

Western Australia

Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is a popular place to stop on your way up the west coast and is known for its domesticated dolphins. At the beach of Monkey Mia, the tourists gather each morning and wait for the dolphins, which will eventually swim close to the coast. There are guides telling you how to behave and usually you'll succeed in getting close to the dolphins and being able to touch them.

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