Attractions from Jamaica


Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

In this mountainous area, hikers can explore the delicate nature that has been preserved in order to prevent deforestation. For the early birds, hikes going to the Blue Mountain Peak are arranged. Leaving at two o'clock in the morning, the hiking enthusiasts are invited to watch the beautiful sunrise from the peak.

Columbus Park

This park near Ocho Rios is dedicated to the famous discoverer of the island and has its own museum where different sacred Jamaican relics are exhibited.

The beach at Alligator Pond

If you want to enjoy the beach relatively undisturbed, it is recommended that you go to the southwestern part of Jamaica where this small town can be used as the starting point for excursions to the beach. Jamaica's more than 700 different species of fish can be seen both by scuba diving and snorkelling.

The Cockpit Country area

This area is dominated by huge limestone formations. The impracticable terrain is the perfect place for an excursion to the Windsor Caves where you'll find thousands of bats together with an intricate system of underground streams.

The crocodile farm of the Jamaican Swamp Safaris

Here in the treacherous swamps on the northern part of the island lies a fascinating crocodile farm that undoubtedly will scare the living daylights out of the more sensitive visitors.

The herbal garden by Roaring River

The Ital Herbs and Spice Farm by the Roaring River is an ecological herb garden where the tourists can witness the cultivation of different plants and crops. Also, the farm has its own restaurant. The area near the river, with its caves and different swimming opportunities, is a perfect place for excursions and the like.

The Long Bay area (north)

Not to be confused with its southern namesake, the Long Bay area in this part of the island is a popular attraction for back-packers, but has not yet been spoiled by the tourist industry. This means that the beautiful pink beaches with the turquoise water are still relatively untouched by the usual beach crowd. Indeed, this place is a surfer's paradise with huge waves and dangerous undercurrents that should be taken seriously.

The Milk River Spa

For those who love luxury, the Milk River Spa is the place to go. The radioactivity in this place is said to be the highest in the world and supposedly this should have some sort of curative effect.

The old Pirate Town of Port Royal

Port Royal was once the richest port on Jamaica, but today all there is left is the restored Pirate Town, which stands as a monument for the sinful history of this place that (almost as an act of divine justice) was destroyed by a gigantic flood and an earthquake.


Changing of the guard by Kings House

On the first day of every month they are changing the guard by King's House where refreshed members of Jamaica's Defence Force in full uniform take over the guarding to the tones of the Jamaican Military Band.

The Bob Marley Museum

The musical father of the island has his own museum where the former possessions of the reggae icon are exhibited in his home. The museum, which is the most popular attraction in the city, serves as a destination of the pilgrimage of many fans.

The National Gallery of Jamaica

The works of many celebrated contemporary artists are exhibited here, but the museum also has a number of more aged pieces of art in addition to an international collection. A section of the gallery has been built in remembrance of Edna Marely who was married to the first Prime Minister of the island. She was a generous donator to the Jamaican art society, not only by virtue of her many sculptural works of art, but also through her involvement in this society itself.

Montego Bay

Rose Hall

A guided tour of the Rose Hall manor tells the story of the beautiful owner Annie Palmer who is said to have used her voodoo powers to murder both her husband and her lovers.

The beaches

Most people visiting Montego Bay come here looking for the sun, but some also come here in order to either snorkel or scuba dive. The beaches of Montego Bay are perhaps not the best beaches on the island, but they are certainly the most crowded.

The birds by Rockland Feeding Station

In the area around Rockland Feeding Station some of the world's most exotic birds are to be found. This is the home of Jamaica's national bird, the doctor bird, and a number of humming bird species. It is possible to take part in the feeding of the humming birds at certain occasions during the day. It is also possible to go on guided tours in the banana and coconut orchards.


Ricks Café

One of the most famous places to watch the sun set is from this café situated at the West Point.

The Throne Room coral reefs

For the scuba diving enthusiasts the coral reefs of Negril are an underwater paradise where dozens of exotic fish and small sharks swim between the undersea rocks.

Ocho Rios

Horse riding by the Chukka Cove

For those interested in horse riding, the town of Chukka Cove has its own horseracing center where polo tournaments are held. It is also possible to rent ponies for those who want to enjoy a ride along the beach on horseback. Near the town lies Oracabessa where writer Ian Fleming created the famous character of James Bond.

The Dunns River Falls

Like stairs irrigated with crystal clear water, the Dunn's River Falls stretches from the coast and up into a botanical garden. In fact, it is possible to climb the 183-m high falls dressed in swimsuit and snickers, while enjoying the chilling coolness of the water.

The Fern Gully area

By car it is possible to take the 6½ km long ride along a dried out waterbed and through a valley. The valley is covered with giant ferns and there are more than 500 fern sorts all in all.

Port Antionia and the Blue Mountain

The Navy Island

This small island in the Port Antonio Bay measures only 0,3 km2 and was once owned by Erroll Flynn. The famous movie star is honored by a small exhibition where his movies are shown. The island also has its own hotel and a restaurant. In addition, the beaches here are fine.

The Valley of Rio Grande

The old banana boats which were once used for the transportation of bananas from the area has been turned into tour boats taking tourists up the Rio Grande. Making frequent stops, the boats will take you on an exciting expedition through the scenic Valley of Rio Grande.

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