Attractions from Kenya



Lamu Island has fantastic beaches. Next to Shela is a lovely, long sand beach with big waves. One can also go on a dhow-tour and combine the beach walk with a tasty barbecue.

Karen Blixens farm

It was on this farm near Nairobi that Karen Blixen found the inspiration for the book Out of Africa, that later became a hit film starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Today, the farm is a museum that preserves the memory of the baroness's time in Africa.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is situated in western Kenya. The 70.000-km2 lake is 100 metres deep and is a wonderful natural phenomenon. It is only possible to sail from Kisumu to the southern towns in Kenya. Even though Lake Victoria borders on Uganda and Tanzania, it is not possible to sail to these countries.

Mount Kenya

There are many wild animals like leopards, buffalo and elephants in the area. Furthermore there are13 different indigenous plants types to be found on Mount Kenya.


A characteristic sight at Samburu is the beautiful Oryx Antelope. Oryx Antelopes have distinctive black and white markings.

The East Coast beaches

Along Kenya's East Coast one finds the most stunning beaches, where shade-giving palms sway in the breeze. A coral reef runs along the coast, it is not only beautiful but it also performs the fortunate function of keeping the sharks away! This insures that it is safe to swim in these waters.

Lamu Island

Lamu Museum

Spending a few hours at the Lamu Museum is a brilliant introduction to Swahili culture. The museum has a reconstruction of an original Swahili house; one can also see an example of a beautifully carved elephant's horn that is a wind instrument.

Matodoni town


Masai Mara National Reserve

The Great Trek

During July and August over 2.000.000 zebras, antelopes and gazelles trek over to the eastern part of Masai Mara. They come from the Serengetti plains in Tanzania and are driven to the more fertile plains in Kenya. Around October the animals come together again and begin the journey back west.

The Masai Folk

The beautiful Masai people live on Kenya's plains. The proud Masai folk are under threat of western influence, despite this they strive to bring their age-old traditions into the twenty-first century. It is important that these people are treated with respect, for example: remember to ask before taking photographs.


Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus was the site of the gruesome battle between the Portuguese and Arab colonists. Today there is a museum in the fort, among other things, an exhibition about the coast's culture and history can be found. Pieces of the ship Santo Antonio de Tanna, dating from 1697 are also housed here.

The Bamburi Nature Trail Reserve

The Bamburi Nature Trail is a miniature reserve just outside of the city. The reserve does not offer the big safari package but there are hippopotamus, pelicans and antelopes roaming about. The reserve also has a fish farm and a crocodile farm. This is a refreshing place to visit after the action of being on a Safari.

The Ruins of Jumba la Mtwana

Not that much is known about the history of Jumba la Mtwana. In the 1500s the city blossomed, the remains of the city's mosques and scattered houses can be found north of Mombasa. The city was built right down next to the Indian Ocean; it is down next the sea that the best-preserved mosques can be found.


Kenyas National Archive

The Kenya National Archive is the country's Record Office. It was built in 1931 and was originally the National Bank of India. Today, the National Archive, a photography exhibition and an exciting painting collection are housed in this building.

Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park is situated a few kilometres outside of the city. The park is one of the few very places where one can still see Rhinoceros. There are no elephants in this park, as their presence would lead to a shortage of food. The animals roam around freely in the wild.

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