Attractions from Monaco


Monacos Cathedral

The cathedral's first stone was laid on the 6th of January 1875 under Prince Charles III, and the building was finished in 1884. It is built solely out of white stones from the la Turbie region and is dedicated to the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary. Furthermore, several of the principality's princes are buried in the church.

Prince Rainier IIIs Collection of Vintage Cars

Monaco's Prince Rainier III has collected over a period of 30 years an impressive number of vintage cars, which can be seen in the showroom in Fontvieille. He has always wanted the public to have the opportunity to experience his renovated car collection that consists of over 100 models.

See the Corals with Aquavision

Experience Monaco by sea in the course of a 35-minute boat ride. The ride is taken on a catamaran that has been equipped with windows in the hull, so you can see the beautiful underwater corals. The boat can hold up to 145 passengers on each trip and it coasts 70 francs per person.

St. Dévote Church

This magnificent church is dedicated to the principality's guardian angel Saint Dévote, who is celebrated annually in January in the square in front of the church. The last time the church was renovated was in 1870; at this time additions were also made to the original structure.

The Casino in Monte Carlo

Monaco would not be what it is today if it did not have its famous casino in Monte Carlo. To get in you have to look like someone who has a lot of money. It even coasts 50 franc to go from the one-armed bandits to the Salon Ordinaire where the roulette rolls and fortunes change hands within minutes. Moreover, the casino is an architectural chapter of its own.

The Exotic Garden

If you are interested in cactus plants you should visit Jardin Exotique that has over 600 different kinds of cactus from Africa and Central America. When you purchase your ticket to the garden you also get access to the prehistoric museum and the surrounding grottoes.

The House of Opera and Ballet, Salle Garnier

In extension of the casino in Monte Carlo is the house of opera and ballet that was designed by the architect Charles Garnier, who also designed The Opera in Paris. Throughout time several recognized artists have put on plays at Salle Garnier that is one of Monaco's most important cultural institutions.

The Japanese Garden

This enchanted garden was designed by the gardener Yasuo Beppo, and was realized by the Park Department of Monaco's Town Planning Committee. The park's size is about one hectare and is beautifully placed near the Mediterranean.

The Museum Océanographique

This world famous research institute was founded in 1910 and was headed by Jacques Cousteau for many years. Among other things at the museum, you can see Cousteau's diving equipment and explore the enormous aquarium for 70 franc. Students pay have price.

The National Museum

An interesting world opens to those who visit the National Museum in Monte Carlo. A world filled with dolls, mechanical toys, and porcelain from the last half of the 1800's. Most of the exhibits artefacts are from Paris and seem unusually sophisticated for that period.

The Palace Museum Musée des Souvenirs Napoléoniens et Collection des Archives Historiques du Palais

In the south wing of the Palais du Prince there is a museum with an extensive collection of objects and documents that can be traced back to Napoleon. In addition the whole first floor of the museum is dedicated to telling the history of the principality.

The Royal Palace Palais du Prince

Monaco's royal palace has existed since the 1200's. Since then all the Grimaldis who have lived in the castle have given it their own special touch, which means that Palais du Prince is not the most elegant castle in Europe. But all the same it is remarkable because of its beautiful interior and the changing of the guards every day at 11:55.


Prince Rainier III founded the zoological park in 1954 after he had been to Africa. It is not a zoo in the traditional sense, but rather a bunch of authentic animal communities that are meant to create a more home like environment for the animals. Therefore these areas have several animal and plant species from the African continent.

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