Attractions from Zambia


The Scenery

In Kafue National Park there's only the wild African scenery. The safari is no doubt an experience for life. Here you'll see wild nature, which you would never have thought possible. In the national park the miracles of nature take place right before your very eyes. You have to experience this!


Art Galleries

Lusaka has surprisingly many fine art galleries. A lot of them feature local artists and those interested in art may easily pass many hours at these galleries. Lusaka also has some of the smaller national art galleries, which haven't much to offer, but are charming in their own way.


Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park offers some great scenery. The national park is 4000 square kilometres and is situated on the northern bank of Zambezi River. Here you'll find a rich wildlife, which embraces everything from zebras to elephants.

Maramba Cultural Centre

At Maramba Cultural Centre you can experience colourful African tribal dance. The centre lies a few kilometres south of Livingstone and is conveniently on your way to Victoria Falls. Tickets for the dance shows are cheap.

The National Museum

The National Museum in Livingstone offers some interesting anthropological and archaeological collections. If you like a good shiver and if you're not easily frightened, you should visit the amazing section for African witchcraft at the museum. It's creepy!

Wildlifes Game Farm

Not far from the beautiful Lake Kariba lies Wildlives Game Farm, a place that several old ranch families have joined to create entertaining ranch shows and experiences. The place has a camping site and cabins.

Zambezi River

Zambezi River crosses western Zambia and constitutes at the same time the western part of Zambia's southern border. The river runs through beautiful landscapes and national parks. Along the river there are many romantic hotels and you may also run into crocodile farms.

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